Concerts, Society Nights and Workshops

  • Sunday 8th October – Old Time and Bluegrass Music Jam Sessions (free)
  • Sunday 8th October – Banjo Workshop (bookings essential)
  • Friday 13th October – Society Night – Hope and The Hobo
  • Sunday 12th November – Old Time and Bluegrass Music Jam Sessions (free)
  • Sunday 12th November – Banjo Workshop (bookings essential)

for further details on these future WBS events go to the   Coming Events page.

for details on past WBS events of the 2023 year go to the    2023 Past Events page.

Recent News:

Changes on jam sessions for 2023!
To date, the free jam sessions have run on the second Sunday of the month, year-round, alternating old-time and bluegrass month about. It’s time for a change, and for this year onwards, both old-time and bluegrass jam sessions will happen monthly! The time slot has been increased to now be 2:00-5:00pm, where the old-time jam will be the first half, i.e. 2:00-3:30pm and bluegrass jam the second half, i.e. 3:30-5:00pm. You can come for one. or the other, or both! And there are also Banjo Workshops available between 2:00pm and 4:00pm – but booking is essential for these.

This format will apply each second Sunday of the month year-round, except for April (as this is Easter weekend this year).

Come along, join in, and give some feedback on this format!

WBS National Treasures
for the growing list of WBS National Treasures go to the    National Treasures page.

30th Anniversary of the WBS

The Society Night August 21st, 2020 marked the 30th Anniversary of the Wellington Bluegrass Society.

This picture (courtesy of Hans Weston Films) shows Andrew Bicknell, the Founder and President of the WBS, holding a celebratory cake.

The first three decades of the WBS have provided much varied musical entertainment.   For indication of the vast variety of music for the last decade go to the Past Events page


Queen’s Service Medal
The Founder and President of the Society is Andrew Bicknell.   Announced in the Queens Birthday Honours on Monday 3rd June 2019, Andrew was awarded a Queen’s Service Medal for thirty years of services to music! The Medal was awarded at Government House on 17th September 2019. See the About WBS page for further detail.

Mr Andrew Paul Bicknell: For services to music

Mr Andrew Bicknell has run the Wellington Bluegrass Society since establishing it in 1990.

Over the last 29 years Mr Bicknell has established an internationally recognised venue and following for performers to showcase their music. He has organised at least two concerts every month featuring local, national and international performers. Whilst having bluegrass as a base, his stage has extended to a wide range of high calibre performers of music genres. He has coordinated all bookings and negotiations with artists and service providers alike, then for each show has handled all bookings and ticketing himself. All profits for every show have been given to the performers concerned, to recognise each with the maximum return possible. On top of this, he also writes and sends regular newsletters, creates the graphic design needs for every aspect of the Society, creates website content, organises workshops and music camps for the teaching of instruments and voice, has helped connect those who need tuition or instrument repairs, and has been a point of contact for those wanting information or assistance with the music. Mr Bicknell has encouraged many others to take up instruments, develop their voices, form bands and helped to give them the chance to perform.


Threat to Venue: Urgent responses needed!

Please fill out the survey before 27th May 2022:

Please state under item 10, that the community facilities which are housed in the building shared by Petone Library are perfect, to leave the community facilities exactly as they stand and for Hutt Council to maintain the building as Hutt Council have budgeted for and are obliged to do.


(and for known information on the previous threat to the WBS venue go to the Threat to venue page)

and much more to come – keep an eye on this website for details for future events !!

Wellington Bluegrass Society, Petone New Zealand
for good fun and fine music !