National Treasures – after the first decade, it became apparent that some Life Members were collecting Life memberships many times over. Other Life members were contributing many hours behind the scenes to the benefit of the WBS, so a new category of membership was setup to acknowledge the most generous contributions of these Life Members. They have been awarded the status of National Treasures. They have the “walk of the Wellington Bluegrass Society”, i.e. once awarded, never have to pay to attend a WBS Society night for the rest of their lives. They are, in order of appointment:

Winnie Winston 
Frank Sillay 
John Sutherland 
Colleen Trenwith 
Graham Lovejoy 
The Canadian Sisters 
Ian Tompson 
Tony Larsen 
Garrett Evans 
Julian Ward 
Jim Delahunty 
Don Franks 
Bill Hester 
Costa Botes 
Hugh Macdonald 
Catherine “BB” Bowness
Jack MacKenzie
Bob Cooper-Grundy
Mike Hopley
Legal Tender – Ian Campbell & Moira Howard-Campbell
Don Milne
Cameron Dusty Burnell
Derek Kirkland
Carol Bean
Peter Dyer
Andrew London
Tony Burt
Peter Madill
Dave Murphy

Wellington Bluegrass Society, Petone New Zealand
for good fun and fine music !